User experience monitoring is based on regular checks made to defined points of interest. A check is the execution of a defined Appium script or a single HTTP GET command against some web end point.

Bitbar Monitoring supports three types of checks. These are HTTP Get, Page Load and Appium.


Creating a Check



Is a simple check to verify the availability of an API endpoint or URL and to verify the HTTP return codes.

Page Load

The provided web address is opened using a Safari or Chrome web browser. All network communication happening until the page is loaded is tracked and reported into the check run. It is possible to create an additional regular expression check on the main source file downloaded. If additional content checks are required then an Appium test should be created.

Scripted Tests

Functional and web content checks can be created using Java and Appium. An Appium check can be developed remotely on developer’s machine and then uploaded with the application under test to Bitbar Monitoring for requiring checks. Appium supports testing of native, hybrid and web applications on iOS and Android systems.