Page Load

Page load checks are targeted for verifying web services are online and available.

A page load check can test some URL for a specific return code and some regular expression for checking some text content from the loaded page. If either of these fails the check will fail.

Example Expressions

The regular expression syntax used for the check is Google’s re2 syntax that is described here. Below are some examples of typical use cases for getting information from a checked page.

  • Searching for a specific string from the page it is sufficient to add that text in the expression box like so Some text to be found. This string would be search for as such from the searched file.
  • result([a-z]+) would match for ‘resultsfound’, ‘resultsorno’ but would not find ‘myresults’

In case the check fails, actions related to the check can be message to Slack, email, PagerDuty or do nothing to check if the problem goes away before second check is run.