Release (2.71) Feb 13th, 2019

A minor release while we prepare our new service to be release ready.

New Features

  • Android side Appium was updated to Appium 1.10.1. This applies to all default Appium runs on Bitbar cloud.

  • Client side Appium runs can now make use of files uploaded over the UI. To use an existing app in your client side tests, find the application’s file ID from the file browser.


    When you know the file ID, you can use that in your client side Appium test bitbar_app = '126948355'.

    Of course instead of using the UI, you can upload your application (or test file) over the API from the command:

    curl -X POST -u "${API_KEY}:" -F 'file=@./BitbarSampleApp.apk' "${CLOUD_URL}/api/v2/files" | jq '.id'
  • We removed integration to HipChat. HipChat was for a long time trying to rival with Slack as the best chat platform but last year Atlassian decided to cancel HipChat project. There is no purpose of keeping support for it. You should still configure your Slack integration

Bugs Fixed

  • We had an issue with manual testing when users were using Retina displays with devices that had either low or very high resolution. The displayed device screen did not look great and was difficult to read. We did some refactoring and re-plumbing to fix that. Now the manual testing looks good regardless of the device you try.

Release (2.70) Jan 29th, 2019

Second release of the year with important updates.

New Features

  • We’re bringing 3D secure to our online purchase process. As an online service provider we want our customers to feel safe about their online purchases. 3D secure is an added security protocol created on top of credit and debit card purchases.

  • We also tightened security on the count of allowed failed login attempts to the public cloud. We know forgetting passwords happens, but now we’ll lock your account after five failed attempts. You’ll then need to either request your administrator to unlock your account, or proceed to changing your password. Keep your email credentials safe!

  • There are some other important security changes we did on the backend side that are transparent to the end users, but greatly improves your safety!

  • You can now enable receiving as notification your monthly plan receipt on the public cloud (or you can have it sent directly to someone else).


    In addition to getting notifications on the receipt, you can also get notified when you are about to go over your monthly plan. Note that this same is available as Slack notification!

  • We are trying out some changes in our registration process. New users, be prepared for whole new experience! ;-)

  • Plenty of UI changes especially for admin users. Better handling of tables and dashboard!

Release (2.69) Jan 15th, 2019

Happy New Year!!! Starting off for a great year 2019

New Features

  • There are new API resources allowing users to share resources in cloud. Using the API, users are able to create access groups and include users and resources to that group. Users in the same group can access the resources in that group.

    For now shareable resources include: projects, files, file sets and device groups.

    Looking at the usage, we’ll probably implement some UI for this so all cloud users will be able to use this without having to use an API.

  • With last release we added support for remote USB connection to our devices. You are now able to get our latest remote client from the public Github repository.

  • Finally but not least there are plenty of UI tweaks that make the handling of sub users nicer and just looks good!

Past Releases

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