Calabash Android Support


Supported Calabash Android versions

Calabash Android versions from 0.5.2 to 0.5.8 are supported. If you need specific version of the gem provide it in Gemfile:

gem 'calabash-android', '= 0.5.2'

If there is no Gemfile the latest calabash-android gem will be used. More information how to use Gemfiles at

How To Package My Tests?

The basic file must contain folder called features. You can include other files too like Gemfile or config folder with cucumber.yml file.

How To Use Tags in My Tests?

Add config folder with cucumber.yml to your zip file. This example will only run tests marked with smoke tag

# config/cucumber.yml
##YAML Template
default: >
  --tags @smoke

Currently only default profile is supported. If you have other profiles locally you need to edit cucumber.yml to use default profile before testing in Bitbar Testing.


Calabash Android does not support this option for real devices.

Third Party Ruby Gems

If you need some particular Ruby gem for your tests please contact