Bitbar Private Cloud


Bitbar Private offers unlimited users, hours (24/7) and access to its users. With the exclusive device access devices can be used either manually, with test automation or via Bitbar Testing REST API. Access to the service is VPN and SSL secured. All data, applications and results are encrypted, all login details are saved & allowed only under authorized access and specified networks.

All devices hosted under Bitbar Private cloud are located in secure labs with restricted access.

Adding a new device to a private device farm is fully automated, done based on customer preferences. Easy access to the devices from local environments – e.g. browser – is secure and without any software installations needed.

As Bitbar Private is a tailored environment for a specific customer it can support almost any test automation framework used for Android and/or iOS app testing.

For more information about Bitbar Private, download datasheet or contact us to learn more.