Release 2.53 Feb 7th, 2018

We are preparing to roll out some new services in our private and public clouds. Meanwhile we improve our current service usability and provide better tools to run and debug test runs.

  • A long waited change for testers using Ruby, eg. many Calabash testers. When you load your Gemfile with your test package for server side execution, our system will handle gems installation for you. This allows you to use the same gems and versions you are using locally.

  • We added timestamps to our console logs - this helps you to find possible errors easier as you know when something went wrong. While debugging can be a pain this should make it just a little easier.

  • A ton of bigger and smaller UI changes and improvements! Overall we have improved spacing and locations of icons in the UI. It’s small changes but really makes a difference. Additionally we added some new perks that we think you’ll love.

    • Did you know you could use avatars in our service? Now it’s brought more visible to under your account information. Go crazy and make the service look like you!

    • Is there something you require help with, do you think something could be improved or would like to send us some nice comments? You can do that through the feedback dialog under the life buoy icon.

      ../../../_images/life-buoy.png ../../../_images/send-feedback.png
    • Access your files! You need to run tests on that file you uploaded the previous day? No problem, you can access these files through the file browser.

    • There’s a new timeline view in the device run view. This view collects different test artifacts and shows them combined. You’ll be able to view screenshots with logs and performance data.

      ../../../_images/timeline-link.png ../../../_images/timeline-view.png

Release 2.52 Jan 24th, 2018

The second release of the year, time really flies when you’re having fun! In this release the front end team managed to continue moving forward with taking Vue.js framework into use. For end users this shows as an updated UI layout. Also this new layout will give us more room to provide you with more direct links and add some additional services to come.


More on the updated UI in our blog.

Here are some other changes that came out with this release.

  • iOS XCUITests are again automatically taking screenshots. With previous Apple Xcode update automatic screenshot capturing was removed from Xcode, but many of our customers were really liking that feature. For this reason we have now enabled it for XCUITest runs.

  • Users can delete their accounts from our cloud. This will remove any user related data that was uploaded by the user to our cloud. For more information check Delete Account.

  • Improvements to Public Cloud iOS Appium test runs. We had some issues with runs not starting that should get fixed with this change. This does not affect private or on-premise setups where this was not an issue. The approach to run tests is slightly different in these environments.

Release 2.51 Jan 10th, 2018

Bitbar wants to wish you all a great and successful new year! This year brings multiple great changes for mobile developers and testers using the Bitbar cloud.

Before the end of 2017 we cleaned out some smaller stories and hold larger changes for this beginnig of the year. The latest release brings out the changes we worked on before leaving for the holidays.

  • Bitbar Build service gets released for dedicated environments. This is an API service for creating and launching iOS (or Android) builds on dedicated hardware with the possibility of running simulator tests after a successful build. End user has access to all build artifacts and logs for possible trouble shooting.

  • Our Monitoring service environment was updated with same Appium version as used on the testing side. Moving existing tests for monitoring purposes is now straight forward.

  • For Private clouds we updated the admin dashboard with some new analytics about cloud device distribution with respect to market device distributions. This is a great way for admins to follow which devices need to be updated with newer versions of operating system to follow market shares.


    This shows our staging environment’s Android, iOS and OpenGL distributions in the cloud and in the wild.

  • Appium broker is now served from Make sure to update your client side tests with the new endpoint!

  • API documentation was updated. The online documentation now shows which values can be queried and sorted.

  • Public cloud is updated to support latest iOS 11.2.1 and the flagship iPhoneX device. The device is added during the following days.

  • Manual testing session supports now filtering of the logs. Only logs visible can be later downloaded.