User information is available under My Account from under the avatar icon from the right upper corner of Bitbar Testing. This contains important information like:

  • user information details
  • possibility to change password
  • API key and resetting it. You can use your API key to identify yourself in test scripts without having to disclose your personal credentials. It is also easy to regenerate a new key if for some reason you no longer want to use the previous one.

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  • define how often you want to receive email notification of your finished test runs.
  • update some of your personal information
  • change your default view in Bitbar Testing


Shows your current Bitbar Testing plan and allows you to make changes to it. Current plan subscription

From the subscription details widget the user is able to:

  1. upgrade existing plan using the “shopping cart” icon
  2. check usage details using the “clock” icon
  3. unsubscribe from the service using the “cross” icon
  4. current month’s remaining test time
  5. download previous billing periods’ receipts (in PDF format)
  6. check previous billing periods’ usage details
  7. send invitations to others to work with your projects using the current plan

Changing Plan

To upgrade a plan click on the shopping cart or simply scroll down to the change plan widget. Here you can select which plan you want, add your billing information and hit BUY NOW. You’ll also need to accept the license agreement.

Invoices can be sent for TEAM and BUSINESS plans. Please contact our sales at if you would like to receive your invoices by email.