User information is available under My Account from under the avatar icon from the right upper corner of Bitbar Testing. This contains important information like:

  • user information details

  • possibility to change password

  • API key and resetting it. You can use your API key to identify yourself in test scripts without having to disclose your personal credentials. It is also easy to regenerate a new key if for some reason you no longer want to use the previous one.

    apikey-button apikey-change

  • define how often you want to receive email notification of your finished test runs.

  • update some of your personal information

  • change your default view in Bitbar Testing

  • send invitations to users that you wish to be subusers of your account. account-users

    1. Invite others to your team by sending them an invite message to their email
    2. Sign showing user has been disabled from your account. Subuser is not able to run tests under your account
    3. User can be enabled back to become account user here


Shows your current Bitbar Testing plan and latest usage. You can also download a receipt of your purchase eg. for later expense reporting.


From the subscription details widget the user is able to:

  1. unsubscribe existing plan is canceled immediately
  2. time used time you have used our service this month, of the available hours in your plan
  3. estimated cost an estimate on what you are going to be billed at next renewal
  4. days until renew shows how many days are left until new billing month starts
  5. Show usage details of the current month
  6. usage details for past months
  7. receipt for past months

Usage details modal allows you to search through your previous months usage too.


Changing Plan

To upgrade your plan click on the plan that fits you best. You will need to enter your payment details and basic information. Note that only Team, Business or custom plans can be billed. These also require admins to make changes to your plan.


Delete Account

Under My Account, the security link allows you to select to delete your account from Bitbar cloud service. Note this action cannot be undone, not even by our administrators. If you decide on deleting your account, you have 7 days to undo request to delete account.


As additional step, you will need to confirm your account deletion with your password.


Once you have confirmed deleting your account you have 7 days time to restore your account before our system clears all data related to your account from our databases.