Account Creation

In order to use any of Bitbar products, run and review tests, or access our devices user needs an user account. This can be created in few minutes at Bitbar Testing. First, click Register on the front page:


You’ll be asked to provide your email address. After you’ve typed it in click Next and the activation link will be sent to email you just provided.


You can click the link embedded in the activation email - or - you can copy-paste the key found in the email in this window to activate your account. If you click the link in the email, it will skip this window and redirect you to an account setup window.


In account setup window you’ll be asked to provide the account name (your email), password, phone number and the company you are working at.


The next step is to select a plan you want to use. These plans give you faster access to our devices at Bitbar Testing more included device time and improved support in case you should need it. For accurate and up-to-date information, please check the current plans and included features from Bitbar Testing Pricing page.


After selecting a plan, you need to agree the License Agreement. This is the final step in registration.