Device GroupsΒΆ

Bitbar Testing enables its users to create specific device groups used to point out on which devices tests are executed. The device group configuration can be found under the main menu - Device groups.

Creation of a device group starts by selecting one or multiple devices by checking the checkbox in the device cell. Dragging the selected devices into the blue New Group icon creates a new device group out of the dragged devices.

The user is able to name the newly created group by clicking into the group and editing the group’s name.

Note that device groups can include devices from either platform, not both. By clicking Create group the device group will be created.

A device group can also be created by clicking on the New Group icon, which will open a dialog asking the user to provide all necessary information.

Users can include devices in device groups by selecting devices separately on the left-hand side’s browsing menu. After selection, user can drag and drop devices to newly created device group on the right-hand side. The filter options on the left-hand side, for example, OS versions, API levels, CPUs and so on can be used to browse specific devices for selection.


The third way to modify device groups is by clicking existing device group on the right-hand side widget. Devices included in the specific group will be shown and user can remove and add devices accordingly.