Desktop Browsers

Bitbar supports running Selenium tests against browsers running in cloud. Initially we support running tests “client side” where test is executed from your machine against browsers in our cloud.

Basic Features

The desktop browser cloud has all the default features you would expect from other similar services. These features are available at product launch.

All desired capabilities are listed in the Bitbar supported capabilities document.

Video Recording
The desktop browser session is recorded for reference of what happened during the test execution. Videos are always available from your test runs in the cloud.
Access desktop browsers remotely and manually check your web application with various browsers.
Changing Display Resolutions

Desktop browsers render web sites in different ways depending on the available display size. The resolution capability should be used for setting the display resolution.

The supported resolutions are: [(640, 480), (800, 600), (1024, 768), (1152, 864), (1280, 720), (1280, 800), (1280, 1024), (1366, 768), (1440, 900), (1600, 900), (1600, 1200), (1680, 1050), (1920, 1080)] The default resolution is 1024x768.

Available Browsers
We support all major and latest browsers on the market running on the Windows 10 operating system. These are Chrome (several versions), Firefox (several versions), IE (11) and Edge (latest). If your project requires other browser versions or special browser configurations please get in contact with our sales.
Operating Systems
We run our desktop browsers on Windows 10 Pro virtual machines. New environments are added to the service periodically (e.g. macOS is on its way).
Browser Locations

Currently we have two locations where we host our browsers, US West coast and EU West. If you need other locations or dedicated browser pools (with special browser settings), please get in touch. When you launch a test, the location closest to you is automatically selected.

The two webdriver location URLs are for the US and for the EU. Leaving the driver location to default, the system will select the closest region to you (also in the future when additional locations are available).

Sample Script

There is a more advanced sample available on our public Github repository.

The below sample script is for the impatient ones to get you started with web page testing with Bitbar desktop browsers. You’ll need to update your API key here too.

from selenium import webdriver
 "bitbar_project":"Browser Testing",

driver = webdriver.Remote(command_executor='', desired_capabilities = desiredCapabilities);
print driver.title;