Deployment Options

Public Cloud

Bitbar cloud provides the largest device farm of real mobile devices, gathered from different regions globally, including the most versatile OS, OEM and hardware configurations for Android and iOS developers. Bitbar public cloud provides test automation, AI based automated testing, remote manual access and a documented REST API to access, run and manage any tests with these devices.

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Private Cloud

Bitbar Private provides dedicated and reserved devices, managed by Bitbar’s operation team in Bitbar’s server rooms. This dedicated device access provides an easy and handy way to make sure devices are accessible 24/7 by any team members. Typical customers are companies wanting or requiring constant access to specific devices at any time (eg. for CI purposes), have strong security requirements (VPN connection from devices to internal testing environment) and do not want to spend time on cloud management. Bitbar is the only device cloud provider that can install its cloud in customer internal cloud or customer virtual private cloud.

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On-Premise Cloud

Bitbar On-premise is the same powerful device cloud installed and managed at the customer premises. Typical users of Bitbar On-premise are companies that cannot use public cloud service(s) or do not want to spend time and money building an internal device farm. Bitbar On-premise is a great option for any organization that has already invested in a large device pool and are willing to operate their own in-house development and testing lab.

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