Bitbar On-premiseΒΆ


Bitbar On-premise is a device cloud solution for companies wanting to save time and money by automating functional, performance, stress, regression and stability testing of Android and iOS apps and associated services. Bitbar On-premise is the same high availability and scalable cloud service than Bitbar public cloud, but installed to customer premises and hardware. As owner of the On-premise cloud, you get to manage your cloud, select and change devices as you see fit and of course you have total control over network traffic and data being used for testing.

Bitbar cloud supports any number of devices, users, projects or parallel test executions.

As Bitbar On-premise is a customer tailored environment it can support almost any test automation framework used for Android and/or iOS app testing. Even proprietary ones can be supported.

For more information on Bitbar Testing On-premise, download datasheet or contact us to learn more.