Bitbar Private Cloud


Bitbar Private Cloud offers exclusive and dedicated access to devices and infrastructure hosted by Bitbar team. Accessing the service is VPN or SSL secured and the service can be connected to existing identity and authorization management services (Okta, Google, Microsoft etc.).

Two Hosting Setup Possibilities

  • If no specific security requirements, the Private Cloud service is setup in a dedicated cloud instance and all devices are securely hosted and located in Bitbar’s server rooms with restricted access.

  • Private Cloud also allows setup to run on customer’s own Virtual Private Cloud instance (e.g. AWS VPC, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, etc.), giving customers and their IT security departments more control over allowed or restricted connections.


Admin Access

  • Admins have easy access to dashboards and administration tools for SSO, audit logs, user management, usage summaries etc.
  • Admins also have additional insights into device management, device status and cloud usage at individual and team level.
  • Defining support for new testing frameworks. Admins are able to create new configurations to support new testing frameworks currently not existing or used by some new teams joining to use Bitbar Private Cloud.

Device Management

  • Adding new devices to a Private Cloud is automated and done according to customer’s preferences and requirements.
  • Admins can further dedicate a selection of devices from their Private Cloud service to a certain user or team for specific testing needs. No other team member can access the dedicated devices.


As Bitbar Private Cloud is a tailored environment, it can support almost any test automation framework. With Docker container technology in place, it enables you to take your existing testing environments (Docker or VM images) into the platform and making them available to all teams.

For more information about Bitbar Private, download datasheet or contact us to learn more.