Test results

Managing test runs

Listing test runs

curl -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs

Getting test run

curl -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/ID

Updating test run

curl -X POST -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/ID -d "displayName=DISPLAY_NAME"

Deleting test run

curl -X DELETE -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/ID

Aborting test run

Note: Aborting test run leads to tests interrupt and getting partial results

curl -X POST -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/ID/abort

Retrying test run

Note: Retrying test run leads to tests interrupt (if they run), current results are removed and tests started again. Device sessions get new ids.

curl -X POST -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/ID/retry

Managing device sessions

Listing device sessions

curl -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/RUN_ID/device-sessions

Getting device session

curl -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/RUN_ID/device-sessions/ID

Retrying device session

Note: Retrying device session leads to tests interrupt (if they run), current results are removed and tests started again. Device session gets new id.

curl -X POST -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/RUN_ID/device-sessions/ID/retry

Getting device session files

Note: Specific file can be downloaded by directUrl or by API

curl -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/RUN_ID/device-sessions/ID/output-file-set/files

Getting device session screenshots

Note: Screenshots are included in resource ../device-sessions/ID/output-file-set/files

curl -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/RUN_ID/device-sessions/ID/screenshots

Downloading device session screenshot

Note: They can be downloaded the same way as other files, however screenshot id is different than file id

curl -u <api-key>: https://cloud.bitbar.com/api/me/projects/PROJECT_ID/runs/RUN_ID/device-sessions/DEVICE_SESSION_ID/screenshots/ID