AWS Marketplace Integration

Bitbar Testing device cloud is available for purchase from AWS Marketplace. This allows users that already have an AWS account to use Bitbar service by using their existing AWS billing account. The pricing and plan can differ to the ones available on

How To Get It

Before starting you need to have a valid AWS account. Next go to the Bitbar listing page on AWS Marketplace and click on the Continue button to move to purchase.

Connecting Bitbar Cloud to AWS account

You are then presented with details of Bitbar Cloud plan. To continue click on Subscribe and you are done!

Subscribe to Bitbar service

Subscription done

You will next need to subscribe to Bitbar Cloud service, by providing your email address. An activation mail is then sent to this email address, allowing you to provide password and further information.

How Does It Work

Bitbar Cloud subscription is assigned to AWS account (on AWS side) and to the registered user on Cloud side. Whoever has access to AWS account can unsubscribe from the service and the Bitbar cloud plan is canceled for the registered email. However cloud still remembers the connection and another subscriber for the same AWS account is lead to Bitbar login page instead of registration page. New subscriber renews the service for the initial user.

Additional users can be invited inside of Bitbar cloud to use the same AWS subscription.

Bitbar device cloud is charged by used device time only.