Bitbar Clients

Remote Device Client

Our Device Cloud now also supports creating remote USB connection from customer development environment to dedicated Android or iOS devices in our Cloud. Using the Bitbar Remote Device Client, you can attach any dedicated device from the cloud and access it like a locally connected USB device.


For detailed usage details and requirements check Github repo.

API Clients

There are several API clients to Bitbar of which some were implemented by us and others by third party individuals or organizations. The ones listed here are the ones we know about.

These links are here to help you build your own and get ideas on what everything can be done using the Bitbar API. We welcome any suggestions and pull requests with fixes or improvements.

Official Clients

Python API Client

API client implementation in Python. Supports most basic features of interacting with Bitbar cloud.

Check on Github

Ruby API Client

API client implementation in Ruby. Supports most basic features of interacting with Bitbar cloud.

Check on Github

Java API Client

Probably the most complete API client out there as this is the one our developers use and periodically run tests on.

Check on Github

Third Party Clients

Third party clients are not not maintained by Bitbar and you’ll need to post any questions on these integrations to the respective project owner.

Command Line Client

A (Bash) command line client to interact with Bitbar device cloud. Allows users to launch Android server side test runs in specified projects, using specific device groups and set properties for the test run.

Check on Github

There is also an Android Server Side Mocha.js Sample Scripts and sample APK showing how to run a server side JavaScript test using Gradle and Travis.

NPM Based Client

A Node based Bitbar client including samples.

Check on Github