Bitbar Testing provides a powerful and useful API for its users to manage all aspects of mobile development and testing automatically. The API allows access to our device farm, manage projects, test runs and results. Using the API, Bitbar Testing cloud can be integrated into other tools for alerting, continuous integration and delivery.

Full API documentation is available here.

Additionally there exists a number of integrations readily available helping you to automate and manage your test execution and reporting.

Run In Cloud Jenkins Plugin

Jenkins plugin enabling you to launch your test runs directly from Jenkins.

Gradle Build Environment

Bitbar has created a Gradle plugin for easier integration.

Jira Support

It is possible to create Jira issues directly from Bitbar Testing cloud using the integration.

ExtSolo Extension

This library extension to Robotium solo objects make it easier to create Robotium tests.

Communication Channels

Various communication channels can be integrated to Bitbar Testing to support better notifications while tests are executed and results are available.

  • Email notifications can be turned from user settings
  • Slack