It is possible to get Slack notifications from Bitbar Testing to existing Slack team channels.

Setting Up Slack

To get Slack notification out of your test runs in Bitbar Testing you first need to allow incoming WebHooks for your team’s Slack. Open a web browser and go to https://<team> and search for webhooks.


Click on Incoming WebHooks and then on Add Configuration.


This allows you to select the channel this incoming WebHook is used for. You can also create a new channel from the create new channel link below the drop down. In the below picture the #general channel is selected. Finally click on the Add Incoming WebHooks integration.


This is it. You now have the WebHook URL needed to enable notifications from Bitbar Testing. Copy the URL, you’ll need it in a second.


Configure Integration to Testing

Go to My account in top right corner of Bitbar Testing. This is where all of the integrations are handled and where Slack also needs to be configured. Click on the Slack integration icon to insert your Slack WebHook URL created above.


Paste your Slack WebHook URL and select the channel where notifications should be posted to that is followed by you or your team.


The widget will let you add multiple WebHooks so you can post to different channels depending on the scope of the notification. Eg. failures and success runs to different channels.