Dashboard presents the overall status of how you have run tests and how you could improve your testing coverage to improve your application’s performance.

Usage Statistics

Summary statistics shows an overview of what you have done in Bitbar Cloud. This shows information about your and your sub-users behavior in cloud. If you are a sub-user then you only see information of your own test runs.


  • Users shows how many users are associated with your account. The main user is the first and any additional users are added to that.
  • Used devices is the number of devices used in your projects. This includes devices used by you and subusers attached to your account. Subusers see only devices used by them. * Total devices in cloud shows the total number of different device models that are available in the cloud instance you are using.
  • Your Projects is the number of projects created for which test runs have been executed by you and your subusers during the past month. Subusers only see their own projects.
  • Test Run Pass Ratio shows the cumulative test case pass ratio from all the test runs done by you and your subusers for the past month. Subusers see only pass ratio of their own runs.
  • Your Test Runs shows how many test runs are run by any user attached to your account. Subusers only see runs of their own projects.

Used Device Information

  • Most Used Devices Top five most used devices in your projects. This includes your subusers devices. Subusers see only devices used in their own projects.
  • Most Failing Devices Top five most times failed devices in your projects. This includes subusers devices. Subusers see only failed devices in their own projects.

Test Run Summary

The following three graphs shows in more detail how test runs have performed during the past 30 days.

  • The Device Execution Summary shows how the devices selected for test runs have performed. Depending on the test case some devices may be excluded from the run because eg. their API level is too old or too slow processor.


  • List of the Last 10 Test Runs. Shows the test and device success execution ratios. Each test run shows its execution start time. This list shows you how well your tests are maturing and performing on the different devices you are using in your testing. When you have a good test execution status but bad device success ratio it indicates the selected devices do not perform well with your application. Maybe the operating system on the devices is not compliant with your app. Similarly if device execution is good but test success ratio is bad, there can be issues with the quality of your tests and this should be investigated and fixed.


  • Project Test Case Success Ratio shows the overall quality of the test executions per project. Success ratio includes subusers test runs, while subusers only see their own projects’ test runs.