Device Groups

Bitbar enables users to create device groups with sets of selected devices used for tests execution. The device group configuration can be found under the main menu Devices.

Finding Devices

If you have dedicated devices in the cloud, these devices are listed first in the device list.

To find interesting devices we have created an extended list of filters that allow finding of devices based on their properties. Select the filter options that you want and click on Apply filters to get a filtered list of devices.


To get back to a clean starting point you can use the Clear filters button. This will clear any set filters.

Creating Device Groups

Creation of a device group is done using the Create New box icon. You can either create the box and then define the filters to be used or just drag devices into that group.


It is possible to create a device group as composed of selected devices or using the currently selected filters. When using the selected devices, it is possible that over time the devices properties will change as system upgrades are performed on the devices. With selected filters the group will always contain devices matching to selected filters. When devices are added to or removed from the cloud the device group content may change over time.

A new device group needs to get a new name before it can be created.


Note that a device group can only include devices from either platform iOS or Android, not both. By clicking Create the device group is created.

Editing Device Groups

To add new devices to your device group do as follows. It is possible to have devices added directly or by updating the group filters.

  1. Click on the group you want to update. Either by adding new devices (or just drag them into the group) or editing the filters for selecting devices.
  2. Update the filters as you wish and click “Save Changes” OR select the device(s) that you want to add to this group and click “Add to Group”.


To remove devices from the group, select the device(s) and click on “Remove from this group” button. When ready, click on “Save Changes” or “Save Changes and Close”.