My Account

User information is available under My Account from under the avatar icon from the right upper corner of Bitbar Testing. This contains important information like:

  • User information details

  • Possibility to change password

  • API key and resetting it. You can use your API key to identify yourself in test scripts without having to disclose your personal credentials. It is also easy to regenerate a new key if for some reason you no longer want to use the previous one.

    apikey-button apikey-change

  • Define how often you want to receive email or Slack notification of

    your finished test runs.

  • Update some of your personal information

  • Change your default view in Bitbar Testing

  • Send invitations to users that you wish to be sub-users of your account. account-users

    1. Invite others to your team by sending them an invite message to their email (see below)
    2. Sign showing user has been disabled from your account. Sub-user is not able to run tests under your account
    3. User can be enabled back to become account user here

Adding Sub-account User

A user having a paid plan is called the main user in Bitbar. The main user is able to add sub-account users. Sub-account users will inherit the same plan and roles than the main user and all time usage is presented and counted for the main user.

Note! Projects between main and sub-account are not shared by default. They need to be shared separately.

You can add a sub-account user following these steps.

  1. Go To My Account

    Go to My Account link from the user settings menu.


  2. Create a New User as a sub-account User

    At the bottom of the screen you see the account users attached to your account and you have the possibility to send new invites to new sub-users.


    New users receive an email invitation to activate their accounts.

Note! You cannot add an existing Bitbar cloud user from the UI. Contact for adding an existing user to your account.