This tutorial explains how to integrate Bitbar Testing to your HipChat messaging service. This allows you to receive any notifications from Testing to HipChat when test runs finish or if the test runs finish with success or failures. Here is how to create the integration.

First in your HipChat client or the HipChat browser application (eg. https://<your-company>.hipchat.com/chat/lobby) create a new room and give it a name.

In the example below the room is named as TestRuns. On the left menu there is link for Create new room. This opens a dialogue asking for further information about the room.


Once the room exists create a new integration to it.


Bitbar Testing integration is not a separate application, but a webhook integration, you need to select the BYO (bring your own) integration. This is the first option on the list.


Give this integration a name, like in the below picture, eg. Bitbar Testing results.


You are now presented with an URL that can be copied to Bitbar Testing cloud. The URL has been highlighted in the screenshots below.


Finally, the above link is copied to Bitbar cloud side, to HipChat integration URL field. Here you’ll also be able to select the scope of integration allowing to select in which case the notifications are sent to the selected room. Option are all test runs, successful or failed test runs.


Once you have copied the URL from the created integration into Bitbar testing HipChat integration modal, you are ready to receive results to your HipChat room!


Note that it is possible to create multiple integrations, allowing to post eg. success and failure runs into separate rooms.